Install Helium Wallet

    EDA-IoT Hotspot App offers two ways to add a user’s wallet without requiring the user to enter the wallet’s 12 seed words.

  • If you have downloaded Helium Hotspot App, you can tap the DeepLink Helium Wallet button to add your Helium wallet to EDA-IoT App. In this situation, you can view hotspots information in your wallet and add a new hotspot to Helium blockchain.
  • If you don't download Helium Hotspot App, you can add Helium wallet by entering your wallet address. In this situation, you can only view wallet information.

Once you have set up your Helium wallet and EDA-IoT Hotspot App, press the key on the front of your hotspot for about 8 seconds, and the LED will turn to Blue color, open EDA-IoT Hotspot App.

On the wallet page, tap the "+" button to add a Hotspot to the Helium blockchain that is the same as the Helium Hotspot App. The last step needs to submit the transaction to Helium Hotspot App for confirmation.

Tap the "+" button add a Hotspot


Select the type of Hotspot


Power and Bluetooth

Select your Hotspot to continue


Select the WI-FI network you'd like your Hotspot to connect to


Setup a location for you Hotspot



    Confirm the location selected is correct and register your Hotspot.

Add Hotspot

    Click Register Hotspot to jump to Helium and complete adding Hotspot.

Video Instruction


The Original Helium App no longer supports managing manufacturers' Hotspots. EDA-IoT Hotspot App can manage EDA-IoT Hotspot as the Helium App and provides more detailed information and comprehensive functions about your hotspot.

You can only add EDA-IoT Hotspot to Helium blockchain.

  • Add your Helium Wallet by Deeplink Helium Wallet
  • Add EDA-IoT Hotspot that is the same as Helium App
  • Submit the add Hotspot transaction to Helium App for confirmation

EDA-IoT App only supports adding EDA-IoT Hotspot to helium.