What's In The Box

  • Indoor Full Hotspot
  • An AC 12V@2A power adapter
  • Wi-Fi/BT antenna marked with “2.4G/5.8G”
  • 2.5dBi LoRa antenna marked with “868” or “915” for different models
  • [Optional] 3 dBi/5.8dBi/8 dBi LoRa Fiberglass Antenna (Model 868MHz / 915MHz)
  • Ethernet cable

Prepare and Power up

  • Screw Wi-Fi/BT and LoRa antenna on the right RF connectors
  • Find a suitable location for your hotspot (for optimal coverage we recommend you place the hotspot near the window)
  • Connect ethernet cable between your router and hotspot
  • Plug in DC Jack of power adapter on the hotspot
  • LED will turn to WHITE color then turn to Yellow or Green color after hotspot boots up.

Install Helium Wallet

    Scan the below QR code to install the Helium Hotspot (Wallet) App, or search ‘Helium Hotspot’ on Google Play / App Store.

  • Hotspot App for iOS on the iTunes App Store

  • Hotspot App for Android on the Google Play

  • if you don’t use Google Play, you can download an APK from the official AppCenter build.


Note/warning: If this is your first time to setup your Helium wallet, you will be asked to input a seed phrase. It is a sequence of 12 words used to recover or transfer your accounts between phones. It is important to remember these 12 words.

Install EDATEC Hotspot App

Scan the below QR code or visit the official website: to get the latest EDATEC Hotspot App to on-board your hotspot.

NOTE: EDA-IoT Hotpsot App (Android) is available now. EDA-IoT Hotspot App (iOS) is under development now. Visit the official website to get the latest status.

Once you have set up your Helium wallet and EDA-IoT Hotspot App, press the key on the front of your hotspot for about 8 seconds, and the LED will turn to Blue color, open EDA-IoT Hotspot App to on-board your hotspot and set location.