Bullion Miner Limited are the exclusive distributors in the UK and Europe for EdaTec hardware. Operating as a cryptocurrency mining hardware distribution company, dedicated to delivering high specification IoT LoRaWAN crypto mining devices.

The Bullion Miner team of likeminded individuals are passionate about empowering the growth of the global Helium decentralised blockchain community network by offering our customers only high-end IoT Long-Fi LoraWAN based hotspot mining hardware products to ensure you get the most out of your device and maximise your Helium (HNT) crypto miner rewards.

As a company we pride ourselves on delivering only the best Helium hotspot mining device solutions to the market, ensuring fast shipping times and a commitment of excellent customer service to meet our customer’s demands. Bullion Miner operates as an exclusive distributor throughout Europe and the UK as a fully authorised dealer of EdaTec’s cutting edge Helium hotspot mining devices.

Our Values

We are IoT crypto mining enthusiasts committed to improving the customer experience when participating in Helium’s decentralizing wireless communications using our cryptocurrency hotspot miners and upgrade equipment.

Bullion Miner hits the Hot Spot in mining.

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