Try restarting the Hotspot device, and re-opening the EdaTec/Helium app. Wait for the Hotspot device to boot up fully (wait for the steady white light) and try again. You may need to repeat this step several times. Once paired and set, you will not have to run through this step again.

The main reasons for this are:

  • It’s not yet synced to the Helium blockchain. In this case you have to wait until it is synced before it can start mining.
  • There are no miners around you.
  • Miner is in a basement or other location where it cannot talk to other miners.

Here are a few issues that might cause zero witnesses.

  • Antenna connected? Check to see if your antenna is connected to the input connector either directly or if you’re using a cable, then ensure that it’s got the appropriate connector.
  • Are there any miners nearby? Check Helium explorer to see if there are in fact hotspots in your neighborhood or close enough that you will be able to see them.
  • Are the miners that you usually witness online and transmitting beacons? This might be an issue if you rely on witnessing only one or two hotspots for HNT earnings. If you rely on beacons from say 10 different miners, then you can expect that a few of them will always be online.
  • Is your miner in a basement? If so then it’s recommended that you move it to the highest location you can get to and preferably with an antenna upgrade.
  • Did you just relocate your miner? If that’s the case, then make sure you asserted your new location and give it a couple of days to settle into its new digs and start witnessing
Set up and place your device in a broad and obstacle-free environment (e.g., close to your window or place the antenna outside, such as a roof).
Hotspots should not be deployed too close to one another. A good rule of thumb is to provide a minimum distance of 300 to 500 meters between Hotspots.
No, ED-IoTHotspot is only compatible with the Helium Network server.
ED-IoTHotspot is an indoor gateway, so it is not designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments and it should not be placed in an outdoor environment without any extra protection.
  • You just joined the Helium network. If this is a new miner and you’ve turned it on recently, it has to sync to the block chain before it can mine tokens. We have discussed how long a Helium hotspot takes to sync in this post here.
  • Your miner may be offline. This is a common problem for Helium miners. They can sometimes drop off the network.
When you power up your miner, set it up and connect to the network, it does take a while to even get started with the sync process. In fact you could be stuck at 0% for a while.
If your miner is connected to the network and witnessing, there’s likely nothing wrong with your hardware or it’s connectivity to the network. This is something that sorts itself out – it can take up to a week (as reported by some users). So there’s really nothing you can do about this other than be patient.
Our indoor hotspot includes a 2.5dBi omnidirectional antenna, and we also have three 3dBi/5dBi/8dBi antennas available for purchase.
No, the indoor unit does not have the ability to have a 4G Modem added, you could use a solution like a 4G to Ethernet module to achieve the same result.
Compared to other cryptocurrencies there isn't a constant amount of HNT earned per day by the units due to the variations on a setup to setup basis. To get a rough idea, we recommend to have a look at the Helium Explorer at other hotspots in your area.

Two key things that determine the earning potential.

  • The placement of the HotSpot:
    • This is the location of the HotSpot.
    • Marking sure the location of the HotSpot is an adequate distance away from any other miner.
    • Helium Explorer is a great tool to determine the location.
  • The coverage offered by the HotSpot:
    • The antenna used with the HotSpot and the elevation from the ground determine the coverage offered by the HotSpot

On the Helium Network, participants earn HNT by mining and building coverage for The People’s Network using compatible Hotspots.

Hotspot miners earn HNT in two different ways:

  • Proof-of-Coverage: Hotspots on the network are randomly and automatically assigned Proof-of-Coverage tests to complete. Passing and witnessing tests earns HNT. You can read more about the mechanics of PoC on the Helium website (opens new window).
  • Relay Device Data: Hotspots earn HNT for transferring device data over the network. The more device data a Hotspot transfers, the more it earns. There are more details on the Helium website (opens new window).

Hotspot visibility and participation in the network directly correlate with the rewards earned.

Some external factors include the number of hotspots nearby you, and the hotspot density. These can both affect your rewards

If your Helium miner is offline

  • Check your internet connection
  • Make sure that your miner is close enough to the Wi-Fi access point so that it can stay connected
  • Whenever possible connect using an Ethernet cable

In many cases, the answer to this is Yes. The stock antenna has a gain of 2.5dBi. In order to reach further you need an antenna with higher gain. I have a couple of hotspots and in both cases. I've upgraded from the stock antenna to ones with higner gain (dBi). However I recommend using your stock antenna for a couple of weeks to establish a baseline of performance prior to upgrading.

  • White: Hotspot is booting. 
  • Yellow: Connected to power but not connected to the internet. 
  • Blue: In bluetooth mode. Hotspot can be detected by the Helium app. 
  • Green: Hotspot is successfully added onto the People's Network, and it's connected to the internet.

No. If you are certain that internet connectivity is stable, you do not have to do anything.
The light will go back to green on its own.

To ensure your miners are connected via ethernet:

  1. Unplug the miner.
  2. Insert the ethernet cable into the correct port on the miner.
  3. Plug the power cable back into the miner. It should now connect via ethernet instead of WiFi.

Turn off your cell phone's Bluetooth and unplug the power adapter. Wait for a minute and start over.

Using the pin to press through the BT button can sometimes be tricky. Make sure the pin is positioned on the button for five seconds. If it does not work, unplug the power adapter, wait for a minute, and start over.

EDA-IoT Hotspot has RP-SMA female connector, and the antenna is with RP-SMA male connector.

The device includes a covered $40 activation fee for users to set up EDA-IoT and a $10 fee to set the location of EDA-IoT on the Helium App. You will only pay additional fees if you reassert to another location after the first time, which is about $10. For detailed information about fees, please refer to the Helium Transaction Fees page

No. 5.5*2.1mm, 12V DC power adapter is used to power the unit.

The block height is increasing all the time. Sometimes the light turns yellow, it may be synchronizing, the CPU usage is high, and the read status has timed out. You may see it again after a while.
2G /4G stands for the RAM (random access memory) difference of Raspberry Pi 4 in EDA-IoT Hotspot. For the hotspot function, there would be no difference between different RAM.
Yes, this App will be used to sign transactions for any Maker app and will be your Wallet where you earn HNT mined from your Hotspot.
Users can now onboard a EDA-IoT Hotspot directly on the EDA-IoT Hotspot app. It is important that you are operating on the latest version of the EDA-IoT Hotspot app and the Helium app. Keep in mind that the EDA-IoT Hotspot app relies on the blockchain, as well as the Helium API to successfully onboard hotspots to the network, so keeping everything updated will help ensure you have a seamless experience.
Once you import your 12 word seed phrase, all your HNT will appear in the Helium Wallet app. Your tokens and Hotspots are safe.
Yes, you can use the same 12 words from the Helium Hotspot app on the Helium Wallet app. Your HNT, Hotspots, Validators, and Data Credits will remain associated with that seed phrase which represents your private key on the Helium Network.
No, the EDA-IoT Hotspot app will use a deeplink to the Helium Wallet app to sign transactions, including adding a Hotspot, updating location, antenna, and elevation, and transferring a Hotspot. This means users only have to enter their seed phrase in the Helium app. Remember, your seed phrase is the private key to your entire wallet, including HNT, Hotspots, and Validators, and should be kept safe.
The Original Helium App no longer supports managing manufacturers' Hotspots. EDA-IoT Hotspot App can manage EDA-IoT Hotspot as the Helium App and provides more detailed information and comprehensive functions about your hotspot.

You can only add EDA-IoT Hotspot to Helium blockchain.

  • Add your Helium Wallet by Deeplink Helium Wallet
  • Add EDA-IoT Hotspot that is the same as Helium App
  • Submit the add Hotspot transaction to Helium App for confirmation

EDA-IoT App only supports adding EDA-IoT Hotspot to helium.